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Fig. 1 Start out by typing your text - for this tutorial you have to use large letters.
I used the font Black Chancery (color = #8C979C).

Fig. 2
Now apply the layerstyle shown in fig. 2 (Not fig. 3 yet!).

Now duplicate the text layer by dragging it down to the Create new layer button. Name this layer text2.
  Fig. 3

Select the Move Tool and then move the text2 layer 5 pixels to the right and 4 pixels down using the arrow keys.
Also change the layer mode from Normal to Multiply.

For now turn off the text2 layer and go back to the original text layer.

Now apply the Drop Shadow layer style shown in fig. 3.

Fig. 4 Your image should now look like fig. 4.
Fig. 5 On the background layer I applied some scanlines with the pattern overlay layerstyle. Of course you can use any kind of picture/pattern that suites your taste.
Then change the layer mode on the text layer from Normal to Color Burn.
Your image should now look something like fig. 5.
Now this is a pretty neat text effect already, but we will add some more effects to the text...
Fig. 6

Now select the text2 layer.

Apply a Stroke layer style with these setting:
Size: 2 px
Location: Outside
Color: Black

Now apply a Drop Shadow:
Mode: Multiply
Angle: -123
Distance: 5 pixels
Spread: o
Size: 5 pixels

Your image should now look similar to fig. 6.

Fig. 7

Now select the original text layer and create a new layer - this layer will then appear above the original text layer and below the text 2 layer.

At this new layer press down the Ctrl-key and hit the original text layer to get the selection.
Now go to Edit - Stroke - Width: 1 pixel - Location: Outside.

Now appply the two layer styles shown in fig. 7 and fig. 8.

Fig. 8
At this step make sure you have black as your foreground color and white as your background color...
Fig. 9

Your image should now look similar to fig. 9.


Hope you liked this tutorial :)



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