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Make a new image - 100 x 100 pixels - transparent background.
Create a new layer. Have white as your foreground- and black as your background colour.
Create a circle with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (hold down the shift-key when making the selection to create a perfect circle).
Now select the Radial Gradient Tool, and fill the selection like shown in fig. 1.

Figure 1


Your image should now look like fig. 2.

Figure 2

Your sphere is now finished. You just deselect and add some background colour on the very first layer. Or - you could spice the whole thing up a bit !


Want that cool chrome look on your sphere? Well - it's pretty easy once you learned how :-)

To get the desired effect choose Image - Adjust - Curves - and insert the values like shown i fig. 3.
Experiment and add the effect you want. (To increase the contrast drag the second curve a little more down and vice versa...)

Fig. 3


Your sphere should now look like fig, 4.

Figure 4


Deselect and add some backround colour and you have a really cool shiny sphere :-)
To my image I also added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to colorize the sphere.



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