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There has been a lot of talk lately in the forum regarding this issue. How to slice an image you have made in Photoshop - the quick and easy way.

Here I'll show you a very fast and simple way to do this.

A quick tip on the way:
Plain text and very simple graphics: save as gif.
Photographs and beveled images: save as jpg.

Ok - when you have finished the work on your design in PS you have to drag out som Guidelines to show where you want to slice your image.

To do this you have to have the "Show Rulers" option active (View - Show Rulers).

Activate the Move Tool and then just click on the horisontal/vertical rular and drag out the guidelines and position them where you want them.

Now click on the "Jump to Image Ready" button .

Once your image has opened up in Image Ready go to Slices - Create Slices from Guides.

Your image should now have a number on each slice like shown in the picture to the left.

Then choose if you want to save your images as jpg or gif - and how much you want to compress the images in this window:

(If this window doesn't show just select the whole image file and it should appear...)


Now you're actually ready to save all your slices at once in just one step!

Go to File - Save Optimized As - and then choose if you want just the images saved, the HTML + images saved or just the HTML.

If you choose the HTML + images option Image Ready takes care of putting it in a table for you.
If you want your table to be aligned to the center insted of to the left you just add the align="center" to your code like shown below:

Then you're actually finished! Now that didn't take much time - did it?


Just a few words at the end:

In Image Ready you can select individual slices and then in the Optimize Palette on the right hand side you can select file formats (.gif, .jpg, .png etc.) and select compression ratios or in the case of .gif the number of colors. This allows full control over each slice.


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