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Start with opening your image.
Figure 1

Push down the Ctrl-button and left-click the image layer to select your image.
Now go to Selection - Modify - Expand - 2 pixels. (For larger images you'll need to insert 3-4 pixels).
Create a new layer  - call it white shadow - and place it beneath your image layer.
Select White as your foreground colour and flood fill your selection (choose the Paintbucket and select foreground in the options window on the top right side of your screen).
Your image should now look like fig. 2.

Figure 2

Keep your selection and create a new layer over the white shadow layer and beneath the image layer and call it black shadow.
Select black as your foreground colour and flood fill your selection.
Now deselect (Ctrl - D).

Still at the black shadow layer choose Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur and insert 1,5 - 2 pixels.
I used 1,9 pixels. Click ok.

Activate the white shadow layer and repeat the Gaussian Blur effect - fig. 3.
Figure 3


Now we have to move the two shadow layers a little bit to get the wanted effect.

Still at the White shadow layer select the Move Tool ( see fig. 4). 
Now we have to move the white shadow layer one pixel down and one pixel to the left (for larger images move 2-3 pixels....). Use the arrowkeys on your keyboard to move the layer. (One touch at the down-arrow = one pixel down etc.).
Now select the black shadow layer. Now move this layer one pixel up and one pixel to the right.

Figure 4

Finished !



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