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This is a very simple way of making gold text, but I think the effect is pretty neat :-)

Type your text above the background layer using the same yellow color I used: 
# F1F5B1.

Now we have to add some Bevel and Emboss effect to the text
(Layer - Effects - Bevel and Emboss).
I used these settings:

Mode: Difference, Color: White, Opacity: 75 %.
Mode: Darken, Color: Black, Opacity: 75 %.
Inner Bevel, Angle: 120, Depth: 5 and Blur: 5.

Then add some Drop shadow
(Layer - Effects - Drop Shadow - or just right-click the text layer and and choose Effects...)

I used these settings:
Mode: Color Burn
Opacity: 75 %
Angle: 120
Distance: 5
Blur: 5

That's it! You're finished and your text should look similar to mine :-)



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