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Open a new image - transparent background.
Fill the first layer with your choise of color - not to dark...
Now select the Type Tool and use the same color that you used on your backround.
Type the wanted text and click ok. 
Ctrl + leftclick your text layer to select the text. 
Your image should look similar to fig. 1.


Figure 1

Now you have to render the text layer. (Layer - Type - Render Layer).

Then use the Brightness/Contrast function to darken the text a little bit.
Image - Adjust - Brighntess/Contrast.
Brightness: -8
Contrast: 0

Now it's time to add some inner shadow to the text to give the text that chiseled look.
Go to Layer - Effects - Inner Shadow. 
I used the following setting, but if you use the effect on larger text you may want to increase the distance a little bit. Play around with the settings until you have the apperance you are looking for...

Mode: Multiply
Opacity: 75 %
Angle: 120
Distance: 5
Blur: 5
Intensity: 25 

Figure 2

Your image should now look like figure 2.

With the text still selected go to the first layer and click on the new layer button .
Call this layer White Shadow. Turn off the text layer by clicking on the eye icon .
Select White as your foreground color and fill your selection with white using the Paint Bucket Tool.
Deselect (Ctrl + D).

Still at the White Shadow layer go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius: 2 pixels.
Your image should now look like fig. 3.

Figure 3

Select the Move Tool and move the white shadow layer 2 pixels down and 2 pixels to the right using the arrow keys.
Turn on the text/cutout layer again.
Turn down the opacity on the white shadow layer till you get the wanted effect.
I turned the opacity down to 70 %.
You image should now look like fig. 4.
It's starting to get pretty cool, but I wanted to add some details to get rid off the "plastic" look....

Figure 4

Go back to layer 1 (background layer).
Duplicate it by dragging it down to the Create New Layer icon .
Turn off the new layer and go back to layer 1.

Now go to Filter - Noise - Add Noise - Amount 25, Uniform and Monochromatic checked.
Select the text/cutout layer and apply the same effect.
I also darkened the text a bit more (Image - Adjust - Brightness/Contrast - Brightness -16, Contrast 0).

Now go to the Layer 1 Copy layer and turn down the opacity until you get the wanted effect. I turned the opacity down to 71 %.

Your final image should look like fig. 5.

Figure 5



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