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This is just an example to show you how you can make some cool text effects using the Bevel and Emboss effect. Play around with the settings and make your own effects...

Type your text above the background layer. I used a dark blue colour (# 000425).

Now it's time to add some Bevel and Emboss effect to the text
(Layer - Effects - Bevel and Emboss).
I used these settings:

Mode: Difference, Color: White, Opacity: 75 %.
Mode: Color Burn, Color: Black, Opacity: 75 %.
Inner Bevel, Angle: 120, Depth: 6 and Blur: 5.

Then add some Drop shadow
(Layer - Effects - Drop Shadow - or just right-click the text layer and and choose Effects...)

I used these settings:
Mode: Multiply
Opacity: 50 %
Angle: 120
Distance: 5
Blur: 5

Now experiment with the different modes in the Bevel and Emboss and the Drop Shadow effects and make all kinds of cool text :-)



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