I get a lot of e-mails every week from nice people from all around the world.
Here I have gathered some of them. They all have one thing in common; They sure brightened up my day!
Thanks a million to all of you out there who support my work!



"Just found your site looked at two pages and already I feel that I need to etch this URL on my eyelids - TOP NOTCH!!"


..."I CANNOT thank you enough Nina and I seriously hope you keep on coming out with yet more wonderful tutorials because I sure can't get enough of them ( and everyone else as well )".


..."me stumbles in, looks around, and winces as his jaw hits the floor. Seriously, I love this site. I love the tutorials. As a fledgling (and forever will be) web design/graphic artist, this makes me want to leave work right now and go home to try out all these tutorials. Awesome site!!!".


"You have no web training? Holy pixels Batman!!! Awesome site and awesome work! I bookmarked you. You have great tutorials. Many sites offer same old tut's but yours are unique".


"..One of the best site..and one of a kind woman ,,such a high and very talented Nina Indset..I love your site and ill continue o visite this one..you creat and use photshop like ive never seen before..SUPERBBBB..good
luck and more power to you Nina".


..."This must be ONE of the best photohop tutorial I ever seen on the net!"


"Awesome tutorials.. Thanks a bunch!"


..."How do you find time to do all this great art working and having a baby. You must be great super cool mom".


"Well, I came back to be blown away again. Fantastic site with overwhelming amounts of info and talent. A digital delight and please don't stop. Thank you!!"


"You just got me totally inspired to start working with Photoshop.. I love the tutorials! It's so easy to create great graphics (once you know how, and that's where you come in)!"


"Just visited your site and I must say.........my compliments to the digital chef! Fantastic work and a great layout on the pages...".


"*You are my hero*."


"well, i fell in love with your website ! You are making so gorgeous graphics !!!!
Wonderfull, i am going to read all your website before going to sleep !"


"WOW! what a wonderful site packed with great tutors.
It's so refreashing to see and the tutors look easy to follow, even I might get the hang of it yet!"


"Hey I've been giving your website a visit more than usual because I'd like to learn from your magnificent tutorials. Let me say, IT KICK ASS!!! =o)... I have these powerful softwares that I don't even know how to explore. Name it, I got it! but when I found out that your tutorials are "Dumb ass friendly" , I started to knock outs of new learning and tricks. I really appreciate your work and the way you share them".


"All the tutorials I was looking for. This place is a real wealth of knowledge".


"Thanks so much for the wonderful site! It was a great pleasure to view it. It feels good to know that there are still people that volunteer their time, energy and talent to make the others happy through their creative work. Wish you all the best!"


"Wow!!! I thought I had seen some great sites, but yours is one of the best. I do like your contrast of colors. That really makes a fine impact on the viewer"


"That's a great site you have designed. I myself am a web designer and your site gives me lot of inspiration. It is too much for a single persons efforts".


"I really like the funny design of your site. It's great! And it's bookmarked!"


"I just discovered that you are a woman … In the weird sense I thought you were a guy … "


"Very amazing site. Great content. Job well done!"


"www.eyesondesign.net, it rocks! The tutorials are great, the interfaces are great, the sample psd files are great, everything is GREAT! I especially liked the speaker thing".


"Very cool site - and wow... what a nice design! keep up this great work!"


"Fantastic site, great tutorials. I've learned a lot in a very short time! A must add to any Photoshop list of favorite PS sites".


"What a name what a women. Really i'm GRAZY about you. You have something special that people make loving you(r work). I have read the story behind this website. Really you deserve my respect and also others I think Nina;). Between us:) are you really 30 years old unbelievable, what a woman".


"I almost didn't believe that you work as an accountant, i bet that you have Superior IQ!!
O lala, you should change your job!
You are an artist! truly artist and genius woman.
most of all, keep up the good works!"


"Just found your site in my son`s "favourites" - it just became one of mine!!A wonderful site, great artwork and tutorials-very inspirational.Your daughters site looks a great tribute to a great family too, and I could`nt understand a word!!
Please keep up the good work and don`t disappear-you should have a chain of employees and rule the world!!"


"I'm a professional web designer and have been using photoshop for years, and I still found your tutorials inspiring. I'd gotten in a rut making the same kinds of graphics, using the same techniques and the same work-arounds and you've given me a new approach. Thank you!"


"What a great website you've got! As a graphic designer myself I have gained valuable knowledge of Photoshop from your site. I was amazed to learn that you are an accountant because you certainly have got the skills that web design companies are crying out for!"


"I am soooooooo happy to have found your site. It is wonderful. The way you
explain things makes it easy as well as interesting to follow..."


"...cant stop coming back !"


"I just wanted to tell you that you have an amazing site. I'm just now getting into Photoshop and not only is your site graphically stunning but it's usability is phenominal. Congratulations!
I can't believe yor not a full time graphic designer".


"This site has become one of my favourites =) It rules like hell, and the design is great!!! =) Keep it goin'".


"I recently saw your site and read your tutorials and would just like to say thank-you for putting up such an amazing website. Your graphics are amazing and you can explain the steps so well even I can't mess up".


"Just thought I'd drop you a line to compliment your site. I searched everywhere to find a good chrome tutorial and when I found your site it just blew me away.
I'm fairly new to web design but I think your site is definitely one of the best I've had the pleasure to come across!"


"A coworker of mine just gave me the address to your web site. I thought I was a bit of a PhotoShop guru, until I saw your work. Stunning graphics, and excellent web design. I have been through your site, and can't believe that this isn't a business for you".