My favorite Photoshop links:
Eyeball Design Awesome graphics and PS tutorials
Designs by Mark Awesome PS, Illustrator and Flash tutorials
Deaddreamer A few tutorials and a killer gallery. A must see!
Photoshop Cafe Great PS tuts and amazing gallery.
Anders Quicker A great source of inspiration
Phong Very special design and great tutorials
Doc Ozone Great tutorials and forum
Pankpages Great Photoshop tutorials
Team Photoshop Great PS tuts and some really informative articles
Action FX All the actions you need and then some
Action Exchange Tons of actions ready for download!
ThinkDan Nice tutorials
Roubok Designs Very nice and clean tutorials.
Wasted Youth Lots of PS tutorials
Blue Sky Heart No PS tuts but an awesome site. Great source of inspiration
PS Workshop More than 700 tutorials and counting!
Effectlab Another great PS and resource site
Planet Photoshop Lots of PS tutorials and various articles
GFX Awesome tutorials
Dhabih Eng Just incredible graphics!!! Check out this guy's gallery.

Favorite Flash sites:
2advanced One of the greatest Flash sites around
Estudio Great Flash
Xeofreestyle Another great Flash site
Fakepilot Yet another...
VM Team My favorite! Awesome cartoon flash. A must see.
Flash Kit A Flash Developer Resource Site
Ray of Light AWSOME flash site!
Wildform Flash tutorials and more
Xdude Another great flash site
Der Bauer Great Flash
Ultrashock Another nice Flash site (PS! 1 MB)
Alive Now this is something else...

Type Euphoria Huge font collection !
Font-Mania Over 500 free fonts
1001 Free Fonts The name says it all :=)
Tucows More than 2000 fonts !
Famous Fonts Fonts used in TV shows, movies etc. More fonts...
Exposed Pixels Dingbats
Jeff's Dingbats More dingbats...
Chank Fonts Cool free fonts section and fonts for sale.

Miscellaneous: Learn about copywrite on the internet
Are you Polite? Are you?
Favicon Free online icon generator
HMTL Goodies Well - html goodies :o)
Dreamweaver Depot Good resource site for Dreamweaver

The javascript source Tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript for your web pages
Cut 'n' paste Javascript Javascript and tips about using javascripts on your pages
Lone Wolf's Software Javascript two buttons
The Lake Applet David Griffith's great lake applet page
Dynamic Drive Snoweffect
JavaPowered Applets More applets...
Developer "Window" scripts

Search engines:
Anders Qvicker
PS Workshop
Photoshop Cafe
Action FX
Screaming Art
Norvegian site - Lot's of great FREE services
Gjestebokserver som hjelper dyrene

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