We finally have a winner!

It has been so hard to decide which entry should win the contest this time!

If I tell you that we have 6 entries on second place you'll probably get the picture.
6 judges picked 6 different winners!
We had to go a second round where we all picked our second favorite - and that's how we came up with the second interface contests winner.

And the winner is (drumroll): Christian Weltman with his incredible bug!

The reason this picture won was because it shows great creativity and some really unique Photoshop skills. I would really love to see a "tutorial" on how the winner achieved some of the effects used in this picture.

The winner has received an EoD Interface contest award in addition to the great prices from Andromeda and Action FX.

The 6 entries on second place:

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To see all the contestants click here.

A BIG thank you to all of you that has participated in the contest. This has been great fun - and I'm still amazed about the quality in so many of the entries :)



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